Today we will be presenting you with this guide to gemstone engagement rings. As a top specialist in custom jewelry and engagement rings in Winnipeg, we have created countless gemstone engagement rings. These often feature sapphires, rubies, and other precious gemstones.

gemstone engagement rings

Gemstone engagement rings and wedding bands can come in a wide variety of colours. This can range from deep and bright blues to sparking reds. New trends have also centered around peach and teal shades.

Although diamonds have been the primary choice for engagement rings throughout the past, precious gemstones are becoming increasingly popular. This is partly due to the variety of famous individuals who have chosen to wear gemstones in their rings. One well known example is of course Kate Middleton, whose sapphire halo engagement ring has been very popular online.



blue gemstone engagement rings winnipeg

Perhaps the most well known alternative to diamond engagement rings are of course sapphire engagement rings. While blue sapphires have traditionally been very popular, sapphires come in a whole range of colours. Different shades of green, teal, and peach are very popular currently.

green sapphire gemstone ring winnipeg

Here is a photo of a custom engagement rings we crafted a little while back, which features a green sapphire as well as two pear shaped diamonds. 

Ruby Engagement Rings

Next to sapphires, rubies are a very popular choice. This is especially the case for those who love their deep red hue. Like sapphires, rubies are also incredibly durable and long lasting. For this reason they make for an excellent choice when it comes to both engagement rings and wedding rings.

ruby gemstone engagement rings winnipeg

Rubies also can look magnificent in a variety of cuts ranging from pear shaped, emerald cut, and cushion cuts.

Morganite Engagement Rings

Another popular gemstone engagement rings types that many couples are choosing for their engagement ring is morganite. Morganite is a peach coloured stone which comes in a variety of shades. It is quite a bit less expensive so often your budget may allow you to buy a larger stone. However, it is important to realize that morganite is a bit softer than other gemstones and for that reason it may not wear as well over time, the way a sapphire or ruby would.

Moissanite Engagement RIngs

Another gemstone which is incredibly popular, especially on social media, is moissanite. Moissanite is essentially a lab created stone which is very similar to diamond. Although it appears in many ways like a diamond, moissanites are known for their “disco ball” effect, in which a variety of colours can be produced by the sparkle.

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