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The Brightest Diamonds In Winnipeg

Our unique business model brings you access to the finest natural & lab grown diamonds without the high retail cost. Let our trusted guidance help you navigate the gem market, avoid costly pitfalls and connect you to the perfect stone you will cherish for life. Call or inquire below to talk to our diamond specialist and book your private consultation.

Loose Diamonds & Coloured Gems

Your personal diamond concierge

After discussing your budget and preferences we carefully select ideal options through a trusted network of the most reputable diamond sources in the world. Most importantly, by not owning an inventory we are able to provide unbiased guidance and an excellent price on the finest quality.

Loose Diamonds & Coloured Gems
Loose Diamonds & Coloured Gems

A Cut Above

Each stone is individually selected for perfect proportions, symmetry and brilliance. We believe it is the cut quality that creates the magical sparkle and fire our diamonds are known for and for this reason we go to great lengths to choose only the finest gems which are rarely seen elsewhere.

Loose Diamonds & Coloured Gems

Ethically Sourced

Our family has developed close relationships with top diamond dealers and insure each source adheres to the Kimberly process and is ethically mined and conflict free. We specialize in diamonds which have been graded by the most trusted grading lab, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Loose Diamonds & Coloured Gems
Loose Diamonds & Coloured Gems

Natural & Lab Grown

We offer both natural diamonds graded by the GIA as well as sustainably created lab grown diamonds which are virtually identical to natural and for considerably less cost. We also offer Moissanite, another incredibly brilliant and cost effective option.

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Loose Diamonds & Coloured Gems

Sapphires & Precious Gems

Discover the finest in Ceylon Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and other precious gems, selected for your perfect design. Please check out our sapphire engagement rings and custom jewelry pages to see examples of our work with sapphires and other  fine gems.

Loose Diamonds & Coloured Gems

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We work by appointment only. Please fill out the contact form below or call or email to book an appointment. We look forward to helping you!

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We do not keep diamonds on premises.

We do not buy used diamonds or jewelry.

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