We create fine custom ruby engagement rings in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In today’s article we will be showing you 4 new stunning custom ruby engagement ring designs available which feature some fantastic new style traits. Read on to learn more!

A bit of background on Rubies…

Rubies, like Sapphires, belong to a mineral family known as corundum which is known for its excellent durability and hardness. Did you know that next to diamonds, rubies and sapphires are the hardest gems available? As a matter of fact, Rubies score a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, where as diamonds score a solid 10.

Due to their incredible hardness, Rubies will wear very well over time. This makes them the perfect choice for an engagement ring, wedding band or any piece of custom jewelry that you plan to wear for many years. To learn more about the technical aspects of Rubies, please check out articles on the GIA website.

Now on to the designs!

large ruby engagement ring

Classic side stone ruby engagement ring

This design features a large ruby in the centre and is set in a classic 6 prong setting. One of the most striking aspects of this design is the alternating pattern of rubies and diamonds on the band. We have used this sort of pattern before with our sapphire engagement rings, which received a great deal of love and attention on our social media accounts.

custom ruby engagement rings

Another special aspect of this design is the diamonds on the bridge which, as we have often said before, is an excellent place for hidden gems and details.

4 Custom Ruby Engagement Rings

Emerald cut ruby and diamond ring

This ring features a rectangular cut ruby in the centre and has been set in the always popular, side stone setting. One great aspect of this design is not only the diamond claws but the diamond collar under the centre stone, again serving as a wonderful hidden detail of the ring.

4 Custom Ruby Engagement Rings

Keep in mind that as an expert designer of custom jewelry, we can customize all designs to fit your tastes and style!

4 Custom Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby halo engagement ring

As one of our most unique engagement rings on the list, this ring features a diamond halo which is decorated with smaller rubies, which are set in a marquise shaped setting. This helps to provide both colour contrast and a unique geometric pattern to the ring. This particular design also features a split band with a double row of diamonds. If sparkle is what you are after, this is the ring for you!

4 Custom Ruby Engagement Rings

ruby wedding rings winnipeg

Delicate hidden halo engagement ring

As you probably know, halo engagement rings are one of the most popular styles of 2019 and have been trending for the past number of years now. This design features a unique twist on the halo idea. In this case the halo is slightly hidden with two tapered halo settings which are set below the centre stone. This not only helps to create a delicate and modern look to this ring but also insures the ring will look wonderful from all angles!

ruby hidden halo


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