Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

When creating the perfect engagement ring and wedding ring, many individuals wish to put a personal touch on these unique jewelry pieces they will be wearing for a lifetime. This is where the idea of wedding ring engraving comes in!


Over the years, we have helped hundreds of clients create their perfect wedding and engagement rings, and we often have requests for specific hidden details, whether it be a particular date, such as a couple’s wedding date, or a line from their favourite movie.


In today’s article, we will explore some excellent wedding ring engraving ideas. Feel free to use these ideas as is or use them as inspiration for a totally unique engraving. Read on to learn more!


How Much Does Wedding Ring Engraving Cost?


Often, there is no additional charge at all. This is because most of our wedding rings are created custom for each client using computer-aided design (CAD). In the case of a custom ring, we can quickly put a date, letters, or numbers on the inside of the band so that it can be 3D printed right in the design itself.


When clients decide on an engraving after the design has been created, costs can range from $25 if done by machine or more in the case of hand engraving.


How Safe Is Wedding Ring Engraving?


Many clients may be concerned about whether or not there are risks to the stability of the ring from having it engraved. Engraving does not pose any risk to the ring as long as a competent jewelry engraver does it. However, it is also important to take into account the width of the band. In the case of a very thin band, there may not be space for a visible engraving, whereas thicker bands can allow for much more visible letters, numbers, or symbols. 


How Can I Get My Wedding Ring Engraved?


When working with a custom jewelry designer such as us, we recommend engraving while your wedding ring is being made. In this case, we have the ring 3D printed with the letters or numbers inside the band. If you wish to have your wedding ring engraved after you have worn it, we recommend bringing it to us or any skilled jeweller to have it engraved. This generally costs a small fee.


How Long Does Wedding Ring Engraving Take?


While the process is very quick, depending on how busy the engraver is, wedding ring engraving can take anywhere from a day to a week. However, if you know what you would like to have engraved before designing your wedding ring, this can be done during the initial design process with no additional time or fee.


Some Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas


Often, couples may have their wedding rings engraved with special, meaningful dates, such as the date when they first met. However, some wish to engrave special words, initials, or ideas from various films and television shows. Let’s look at some of the most popular and exciting ideas for engravings on your wedding ring.


Please note: The following are wedding ring engraving ideas which can generally be put inside the band of the ring. Some clients wish for more complex engravings, such as detailed shapes and vintage styles on the band. Those sorts of designs go beyond the scope of this article as they involve a detailed discussion during the custom design process. Please see other articles on vintage-style engagement rings for design inspiration.


Romantic Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas:


Classic Initials and Date


A timeless choice, engraving your initials and wedding date on your rings is a simple yet meaningful way to commemorate your special day. This classic engraving idea adds a personal touch without being overly elaborate. In this case, some couples wish to also throw in meaningful and romantic symbols such as hearts, flowers, or other symbols. 


Forever and Always


Express your enduring love with the phrase “Forever and Always.” This sentiment encapsulates the timeless commitment you’re making to each other, reminding you of the eternal bond you share.


Coordinates of Your Special Place


Choose the coordinates of a place that holds sentimental value to both of you—perhaps where you first met, your engagement spot, or your wedding venue. Engraving these coordinates is like carrying a piece of that location with you.


Two Become One


This engraving is a beautiful reminder of the union you’re celebrating. It emphasizes that in marriage, two individuals come together to create a harmonious and inseparable partnership.


Roman Numerals


Convert your wedding date into Roman numerals for a sophisticated and timeless engraving. Roman numerals add an elegant touch to your rings and create an air of classic romance.


Love Conquers


This powerful phrase from ancient Roman poetry, “Amor Vincit Omnia,” signifies the idea that love has the strength to overcome any obstacle. It’s a beautiful reminder of the resilience of your love.


Infinite Love


Infinity symbols are symbolic of endless love. Engrave this symbol and “Infinite Love” to convey that your love is boundless and will last for eternity.


Hearts and Symbols


Often, clients wish to engrave various symbols, such as hearts, inside their wedding rings. These symbols can be engraved or used to separate specific letters and dates.


Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas From Movies:


To Infinity and Beyond


Inspired by the famous line from Toy Story, this engraving idea adds a touch of whimsy to your wedding rings. It signifies that your love knows no bounds and is an adventure filled with infinite possibilities.


You Complete Me


Inspired by the famous line from Jerry Maguire, this engraving idea reflects the idea that you and your partner are each other’s missing pieces. Together, you form a perfect whole.


My Person


A famous phrase from the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, “My Person” beautifully captures the idea that your partner is not just your spouse but also your confidant and closest ally.


A Whole New World


Taken from the popular animated film Aladdin.


Cute and Funny Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas:




Capture your unique connection by engraving each other’s fingerprints on your wedding rings. This deeply personal choice reminds you that your love is one of a kind, just like your prints.


Happily Ever After


Channel the magic of fairy tales with this enchanting engraving. It reminds you that your love story is your own fairy tale, and you’re destined for a “Happily Ever After.”


Sound Wave Engraving


Turn your voices into art by engraving a soundwave pattern of each other’s voices saying “I Do.” This unique and visually captivating idea adds an auditory dimension to your rings.




Animal lovers may wish to have paw prints of their favourite animal as an engraving on the inside of their wedding ring or even placed somewhere on a visible spot of the ring. In the case of engravings down on the outside of the ring, these can also be decorated with various other gems and details on the setting. 


Popular Icons


Popular symbols such as Mickey Mouse ears or even various emojis can be a great idea, provided there is space on the inside of the band. These symbols can also be incorporated into the design itself.


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