three stone engagement rings meaning

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, each design carries its own symbolism and significance. One such design that has captured the hearts of many is the three-stone engagement ring. This exquisite style not only showcases stunning gemstones or diamonds but also carries a profound meaning that resonates with couples around the world. In this article, we will delve into the meaning and symbolism behind the three-stone engagement ring, from its traditional significance to its modern interpretations.


Three-Stone Engagement Rings: Their Traditional Meaning

The three-stone engagement ring, often referred to as the “trilogy” or “past-present-future” ring, has a rich history dating back generations. The design generally showcases three gemstones or diamonds set in a row, with the centre stone being larger and flanked by two smaller stones on either side. While the larger centre diamond or sapphire is often a round, oval, princess, pear or marquise cut, the side diamonds may be placed to create a unique taper. For this reason, it is not unusual to see various fancy-shaped diamonds, including baguettes or trillion cuts, as side stones. This arrangement carries a beautiful symbolism, representing the journey of a relationship over time.



The traditional meaning behind the three-stone engagement ring is to symbolize the past, present, and future of a couple’s relationship and love story. The centre stone represents the present moment, while the two side stones represent the past and future, encapsulating the couple’s shared history and the promising road ahead. This design reflects a love that has endured the test of time and a commitment to a future together. For these reasons, the three-stone design is also popular for an anniversary ring or a celebration of a special event in a couple’s history.


Three-Stone Engagement Rings: Alternative Meanings

While the past-present-future symbolism is the most widely recognized meaning of the three-stone engagement ring, this design carries alternative interpretations that resonate with different couples’ values and aspirations.


Love, Friendship, and Fidelity

In addition to the chronological symbolism, the three-stone engagement ring can also represent the core pillars of a strong and lasting relationship: Love, friendship, and fidelity. Each stone is attributed with one of these qualities, emphasizing the importance of these traits in a successful marriage. This interpretation adds a layer of depth to the ring’s symbolism, reinforcing the idea that a solid foundation of love, friendship, and fidelity is essential for a lasting union.



For some, the three stones in the ring can symbolize the merging of two families into a new one. The side stones may represent each partner’s family, while the centre stone embodies the new family unit created through marriage. This interpretation emphasizes the idea of unity and the significance of both partners’ backgrounds coming together to form a new chapter.

The three-stone ring can also represent a parent and two children or two parents and one child as well. For this reason, three-stone designs can also be popular as gifts, especially for occasions such as Mother’s Day. In this case, these rings may feature various birthstones of those involved. 


Meanings Behind the Different Three-Stone Engagement Ring Designs

The act of customizing a three-stone engagement ring transcends mere stylistic modifications; it also holds the power to imbue the ring with a specific significance. In the following sections, we will delve into the common meanings associated with varying styles of three-stone engagement rings. 


Meaning Behind Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds, often referred to as “forever stones,” are the preferred choice for many engagement rings, including three-stone engagement ring designs. In this context, the centre diamond signifies enduring love and the strength of the present moment, while the two side diamonds symbolize the cherished past and the promising future.


Meaning Behind Three-Stone Gemstone Engagement Rings

Choosing to integrate coloured gemstones into a three-stone ring provides an avenue for crafting a personalized significance, given that each gemstone carries its own distinctive symbolism. Blue sapphires, for instance, have often been seen as symbols of fidelity and faithfulness, whereas rubies, with their deep red colour, represent passion and love. By infusing gemstones into the design, you can add an additional layer of meaning, either building upon the traditional symbolism or fashioning a narrative uniquely tailored to your story.


Other Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Beyond diamonds and gemstones, other meaningful elements can be incorporated into three-stone engagement rings. Birthstones of the couple or significant gemstones from their journey can be used, adding a personalized touch that speaks directly to their story. Another request we often receive from clients is to include various hidden gems and details, such as engravings inside of the band of the engagement ring or other symbols to be engraved on the bridge. These are other options that can help you further personalize your engagement ring design. 


Custom Three-Stone Engagement Rings in Winnipeg

In the heart of Winnipeg, the city known for its rich culture and vibrant art scene, couples can bring their unique love story to life through custom-designed three-stone engagement rings. Collaborating with our expert jewelry design team, couples can select the perfect combination of stones, metals, and design elements to craft a ring that resonates with their journey. When you begin looking for your perfect three-stone engagement ring in Winnipeg, be sure to book your free, no-obligation consultation with Omori Diamonds. We look forward to hearing from you!



The allure of the three-stone engagement ring extends far beyond its stunning aesthetics. Its multifaceted symbolism speaks to a couple’s unique bond’s intricate layers of love, commitment, and history. Whether embracing the traditional past-present-future meaning or infusing the design with alternative interpretations, the three-stone engagement ring captures the essence of a love story that evolves through time, promising a future filled with shared moments, enduring friendship, and unwavering fidelity.

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