The Finest Sapphire Engagement Rings In Winnipeg


The Finest Sapphire Engagement Rings In Winnipeg


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Here at Omori Diamonds inc., we specialize in creating exceptional diamond and sapphire engagement rings in Winnipeg. One of our special features, is our ability to source very high quality ceylon sapphires of all shapes, sizes and colours.

During our custom jewelry design process, clients will usually begin by sitting down with us and discussing their perfect stone for their engagement ring. During this process we will help educated them about all the different aspects of diamond and gemstone quality. Once a stone is selected, we will then begin designing their custom engagement ring for that specific stone.

Today we would like to talk about Sapphire engagement rings, as ceylon sapphires are the top choice of stone for clients who want a non-diamond, unique engagement ring.

Let’s talk about Sapphires…

Sapphires are a form of precious gemstone known as a corundum, which belong to the same mineral family as the ruby. These gemstones are known for their exceptional hardness, which ranks at a solid 9 on the mohs scale of hardness (diamonds being at 10 and moissanite at 9.5). Due to their hardness and durability, sapphires are an excellent choice for any jewelry designs which the wearer plans to have for a very long time.

It should also be mentioned that although many sapphires are blue in colour, there are also a number of natural ‘fancy’ colours which can include yellow, orange, green, purple and pink as well.

It is no surprise, that many of the royal families throughout Europe and Britain, tend to favour sapphire engagament rings. One of the most famous of these is Kate Middleton and Princess Diana’s engagement ring.

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Some of our Sapphire Engagement Ring Designs…

Over the past while, Omori Diamonds inc. has had the pleasure of creating a number of beautiful sapphire engagement rings for our clients. Here are a few examples of some of the rings we have worked on:


pink sapphire rings winnipeg

pink sapphire engagement ring

This custom engagement ring features an extremely brilliant pink sapphire which has been cut to absolute perfection.


blue sapphire winnipeg

blue sapphire five stone ring


One of our most royal and regal looking designs, this ring features five beautiful blue sapphires, each surrounded by a diamond halo.


pear shaped sapphire

pear shaped sapphire ring

This ring features a pear shaped sapphire as well as a tapered edge of bezel set diamonds, creating a unique and asymmetrical design. 




yellow sapphire halo rings winnipeg

yellow sapphire halo ring

This ring features a yellow sapphire surrounded by a double halo of brilliant diamonds, creating a dazzling effect. 

green sapphire ring

green sapphire ring


This special design also has a butterfly shape etched into the bridge. 

royal sapphire engagement ring

royal blue sapphire engagement ring


The classic royal sapphire engagement ring design. 

vintage sapphire engagement ring

vintage sapphire engagement ring

This vintage style ring features the classic detailed engraving on the band. 



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