How Long Before A Proposal Should You Buy The Ring?

Chances are, if you are checking out this article, you have probably made the decision that it’s time to propose to your partner. Congratulations as you embark on this journey in your relationship together, making memories that will last a lifetime.

During this exciting time, two things often come to mind: Selecting the perfect engagement ring and pinpointing an ideal proposal date. Both tasks are inherently interconnected, and their timelines are intricately linked. Whether or not you’ve earmarked a specific date for the proposal, it’s essential to keep the general time frame in mind when it comes to engagement ring shopping.

The timing of your engagement ring purchase hinges on various factors. These factors include your desired proposal date, whether you wish for a custom or pre-designed engagement ring, the diamond or gem or choice, and the jeweller you hope to work with. To help you decide when to buy your engagement ring, we have created this handy article to guide you on your journey:

How Soon Is Too Soon To Buy the Ring?

When it comes to engagement ring shopping, there are a few things to consider before you decide to purchase a ring; these range from deciding upon the style of the engagement ring, the diamond cut, and whether or not you wish for a completely custom-made ring.

The general style and diamond shape should come first, as these are the most visible elements of any engagement ring. Consider your partner’s style: Do they love modern and straightforward solitaires? Timeless vintage designs? Or something with a touch of colour? Often, our clients bring us photos of styles their partners have sent them as little “hints” and suggestions. As custom designers, these images greatly help us streamline the design process.

It is also essential to decide upon the diamond shape you desire. While popular cuts, such as round and oval diamonds, are often plentiful and in stock, more unique cuts, like emerald and radiant-cut diamonds, may need to be ordered, which could take several days.

Another critical factor in your engagement ring shopping timeline is whether or not you wish for a custom engagement ring. While many premade engagement rings are available in retail stores, you may wish to mark the special moment with something unique. In this case, consider a custom-made engagement ring crafted by someone specializing in fine jewelry design. In this case, the customs process can take several weeks.

For these reasons, it’s essential to consider when you are hoping to propose. We recommend planning a few months when you begin your journey to your perfect engagement ring.

How Long Does a Custom Engagement Ring Take To Make?

Custom engagement rings require significant attention and focus on the part of the designers and goldsmiths involved in their creation. The process consists of deciding upon the perfect design with the client, selecting the ideal stone, creating sketches, and then casting and setting.

From start to finish, this takes, on average, 6-8 weeks. For this reason, we generally suggest that our clients consider this when setting their proposal date.

What if You Are on a Tight Timeline?

Sometimes, clients who are on a tight timeline have approached us. There may be a vacation or special family visit coming up shortly, and they have decided that this is the right time to propose. In this case, we have a variety of pre-designed styles that can be quickly customized in a manner that is not as time-intensive as our usual custom process. We always recommend giving us as much time as possible. As one of our favourite Italian restaurants has always said, “Good food takes time to prepare!”

How Much Should You Spend on Your Engagement Ring?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how much to spend on an engagement ring. This depends upon a variety of factors, such as your general budget, the style you wish for, the diamond size, and whether you want a premade or custom engagement ring. Let’s have a look at how these factors can affect the price:

The style of the engagement ring can affect its price. For example, a simple solitaire that features a single diamond and plain gold band is generally less expensive than an engagement ring with many side and accent diamonds.

The size of the centre diamond will also affect its price. Smaller diamonds ranging from .70- 1.0 ct are generally more affordable than larger diamonds of 2-4 cts. Another factor that can impact the price of the diamond is whether the diamond is natural or lab-grown. While natural diamonds were generally the standard for decades, lab-created diamonds have recently entered the market and can be more than 50% less expensive. This means that a given budget often allows for a larger lab-created diamond of the same quality as a natural one.


We hope you have found this guide valuable in helping you decide how long you should consider buying your engagement ring before a proposal. This is just one piece of the puzzle regarding finding that perfect ring your partner will cherish forever. To learn more about the ins and outs of custom jewelry, diamonds, and the design process, please check out our other articles.

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