Today we will be exploring some of the differences between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds. As premier specialists in diamonds and engagement rings in Winnipeg we can help you make the choice between lab grown and natural diamonds.

differences between lab diamonds and natural diamonds

What are lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have been created in a lab setting, which mimics the conditions which would normally occur in the earth. This involves exposing carbon to high heat and high pressure. The end result is a diamond which is chemically identical to a natural diamond. They also share the same optical and visual properties as natural diamonds. When it boils down to it, the only real difference between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds is that one is created in a lab setting and the other is mined in the earth.

Want to learn more about lab diamonds and how they are made? Check out this article by the GIA.

What is a natural diamond?

Natural Diamonds, are formed deep within the earth when carbon is put under high heat and pressure. This process often takes place over millions of years. While natural diamonds are usually clear and colorless, there are times when they may be colored. Natural diamonds are extracted from the earth using various mining processes.

Which choice is more ethical?

While many consumers have become concerned about conflict diamonds, thankfully due to the introduction of something called The Kimberly Process, all diamonds entering North America are tracked. At Omori Diamonds we also take special care to only deal with the largest and most reputable sources. This way you can rest assured that your diamond has been ethically sourced or grown.


One of the most important considerations to take into account when choosing the right stone for your engagement ring is cost. Lab created diamonds are considerably less expensive (sometimes up to 50% less). For this reason, your budget may take you a bit further, allowing you to afford a larger diamond for the same price.

Appearance and Sparkle

The most common question we get in this regard is “do they look the same”? The answer is indeed, yes! There are virtually no differences between the two. In order to tell the two apart, gemologists require special equipment.

Making the choice between lab grown vs natural diamonds

When it comes down to it, the choice is totally up to you. If you are someone who values cost above all else, lab created stones an be the way to go. However, if you place a great deal of importance upon the story of the stone, its hard to beat something whic  was created by mother nature.

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