Diamonds Found In Manitoba

Canadian Diamonds have been an option for jewelry buyers for over two decades, but did you know that that diamonds have recently been discovered in Manitoba?

The diamonds were originally discovered in bedrock (possibly Kimberlite rock) in the northeastern part of Manitoba. Although the diamonds found are small, approximately less than a millimetre in size, the find could indicate that there is much more to be found. At this point this does not guarantee a diamond mine will open however, Manitoba Geological Survey geologists and their industry partners are hard at work to determine the scope of what may lie beneath.  Previously, diamonds have been mined in northern Ontario, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, and geologists have long suspected to find them in Manitoba as well.

This is certainly an exciting find and we will be keeping up with the latest discoveries. However, it will probably be quite a while before any of the diamonds found in Manitoba hit the Winnipeg diamond jewelry market any time soon.

Diamonds Discovered In ManitobaKimberlite is a form of igneous rock often found to contain Diamonds.

To read more about the recent Manitoba diamond discovery check out these articles in : The Winnipeg Sun and Winnipeg CTV News

About Canadian Diamonds

Many people are surprised to find out that there are diamond mines in Canada. Believe it or not, Canada is the 3rd largest diamond producing country in the world. The Northwest Territory is home to one of Canada’s largest diamond mines and produces 8 million carats each year.

Conflict Free

Canadian diamonds are known for their being guaranteed “conflict free”. This is verified though a certification number which is laser inscribed on many Canadian-mined diamonds.


Diamonds Discovered In Manitoba  Example Canadian Diamond laser inscription

Mined In Canada, But Cut Elsewhere

Even though a diamond may be mined in Canada, this does not mean that is is cut locally. Many times, Canadian diamonds are shipped out of the country to the major diamond cutters in places like India, Belgium and Israel before they are brought back to be sold to consumers in Canada and North America. This is due to the cost of manufacturing in Canada and the lack of local manufacturers skilled at cutting large diamonds.

Canadian Diamond Quality

Just like with all diamonds, Canadian diamonds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and qualities. Although Canadian diamond mines, on average tend to produce a greater percentage of high quality diamonds, each diamond must be judged on its individual quality measurements based on the 4 c’s.

The Many Beautiful Diamonds Of The World

Should you buy a Canadian diamond engagement ring? Not necessarily. The guarantee conflict- free origin and the fact that consumers know that the diamond was created in Canada are both pluses. However, each diamond must be evaluated individually. At Omori Diamonds inc. we specialize in ethically sourced diamonds and we get Canadian Diamonds upon request. However, it must also be mentioned that all of our diamonds are from the most reputable diamond dealers who strictly adhere to the Kimberly Process, insuring that they are conflict free and ethical sourced. Most importantly, we evaluate each and every diamond to insure that it is of maximum quality, brilliance and size for your budget. By dealing with diamonds graded by the G.I.A. or A.G.S. we are able to insure that you know exactly what you are paying for and that the diamond has been carefully evaluated for its quality.


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