Today we will be discussing the most common mistakes when buying an engagement ring. As a top jeweler and specialist in diamond engagement rings in Winnipeg, we bring you exceptional quality and expert guidance. 

most common mistakes when buying an engagement ring

Looking to buy a diamond engagement ring can be a daunting task. While you may have heard of the 4 c’s when it comes to diamonds (cut, clarity, carat and cut) these terms often require some clarification. For this reason, we have created a special diamond education page with some great info on diamond cut and quality. However, if you are looking to have a more in depth idea of common mistakes when buying an engagement ring this is the place for you.

Focusing too much on carat weight and diamond size

While it can be tempting to focus solely on diamond size, there are other factors which contribute toward a diamonds beauty. When shopping for the right diamond for your engagement ring, the goal should be to find a diamond which is not only of a decent size but one that is also colorless, bright and free from any visible blemishes.

Not paying attention to diamond cut

When it comes to the 4 c’s of diamonds, cut is the most important. This refers to the proportions, angles and polishing on the diamond. The GIA rates diamonds on a scale from poor to excellent. At Omori Diamonds, we believe that it is important to aim towards the absolute highest quality cut you can afford. You should never sacrifice the diamond cut quality for carat weight.

Choosing a diamond with an improper clarity or color

The diamond in your engagement ring should be colorless and free from visible imperfections. In terms of color, diamonds are graded starting with D and moving downwards. We highly recommend diamonds with no less than a near colorless rating (I and up) as anything lower may show a tint.

When it comes to clarity, we always recommend diamonds with a clarity of SI2 and greater so long as there are not inclusions visible with your naked eye.

Not considering the design of your engagement ring

When it comes to shopping for your perfect engagement ring, its important to consider her personal style. Some clients love simple plain band solitaires while others love more ornate halo and vintage engagement ring designs. Its also important to take into account your activity level. Clients with a very active life style may prefer lower set designs which are less likely to get caught on material.

The above ones are the most common mistakes when buying an engagement ring before marriage. Whatever engagement ring style you choose, we can help you thorough the custom process in creating your dream ring.

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