In today’s article we will be discussing the differences between lab grown vs natural diamonds. At Omori Diamonds inc. we specialize in sourcing the absolute finest natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds in Winnipeg. This has given us a great level of experience when dealing with a large variety of precious stones and in the following article we will be clearing up some misconceptions so that you can be educated in the area of diamond buying and shop with confidence.

lab grown vs natural diamonds

The above photo from the GIA shows a rough natural diamond (on the left) as well as a rough lab grown diamond on the right. Although they look somewhat different in their rough form, both will be virtually identical when cut and polished. 

Are lab diamonds real?

Starting with the most frequently asked question with regards to lab created diamonds, let us put your mind at ease with a resounding yes! Lab grown diamonds  are real diamonds with essentially the same visual and chemical properties as natural diamonds. As a matter of fact, even trained gemologists cannot tell the difference without special lab equipment. One of the main differences in lab grown vs natural diamonds, lies in their origin.

Natural diamonds: the billion year story

Natural diamonds are formed deep within the earth under conditions of extremely high heat and pressure. This occurs inside of volcanic rock formations known as kimberlite and can take as long as three billion years. The end result is of coarse, one of the most precious substances known to man for it’s durability and ever lasting sparkle which is brought to fruition when the diamond is extracted as well as shaped and polished by a master diamond cutter. It is this journey which has given diamonds their appeal for so many years.

How are lab grown diamonds made?

Lab created diamonds are grown in a controlled environment which mimics the same conditions which occur within the earths crust. Although lab created diamonds have been available for industrial use since the 50’s it was not until many years later that the technology was developed to create diamonds suitable for fine jewelry.

This is done through either a high heat, high pressure technique or a chemical vapor disposition method, which both take roughly a month to create a stone of a carat or less.

Telling the difference

It is important to know the difference between lab grown vs natural diamonds, as lab grown diamonds are generally less expensive as they can be produced on a larger scale over a much shorter time frame. As lab grown diamonds are essentially identical optically and chemically, special tools must be used by a trained gemologist.

This essentially involves the use of technologies which have been developed to test the structure of the formation of the diamond crystal itself, as the crystal formation of natural diamonds and lab created diamonds are somewhat different. A common method is through the use of a machine developed by the GIA which shines a light through the diamond and will provide a reading of high accuracy.

Which one is right for you?

As we have discussed, natural diamonds and lab created diamonds are virtually identical and require special equipment to distinguish them apart. When it comes to deciding which is right for you, the choice is yours! While the benefits of a lab created diamond are largely in cost (lab diamonds are less expensive resulting in a larger stone for your budget), natural diamonds have the story of being formed over billions of years. In terms of appearance, it is always important to seek the absolute highest quality of cut, as this is what determines the brilliance of the stone more than any other factor. For this reason it is always our goal to insure that every diamond we source, natural or lab created, has been cut to absolute perfection.


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