When it comes to shopping for an engagement ring, especially a custom engagement ring, one of the essential factors that should be considered at the start is the ring size of the person who will be wearing it.


In this guide, we will provide a few tips on getting your or your partner’s ring size. This may come in handy when you are engagement ring shopping in hopes of making your proposal a surprise.


Measure a Ring That Already Fits


If you are shopping for an engagement ring for your partner and want to keep things a surprise, you will have to find some covert ways to determine their ring size. One of the best ways is to find a ring that already fits them.


If your partner has a ring they wear on their ring finger, this can help us enormously, as you can simply bring it in or take a measurement, which you can then send to us.


As a note, most unmarried people wear fashion rings on their right-hand ring finger. Since the engagement and wedding rings are generally worn on the left hand, we often have to anticipate a slightly different size. If, for instance, your partner is right-handed, their dominant hand may be a quarter to half size larger. So, if we have been provided with a fashion ring worn on the right hand, we would make the engagement or wedding ring a bit smaller to be sure it fits.


Measure Your Finger


When we are working with clients to create an engagement or wedding ring over a long distance, we may need to use other methods when measuring ring size. Often, in this case, we ask you to measure your finger using a simple plastic ring sizer that can be sent through the mail or picked up at our office. This is a simple device that is half a sheet of paper in size and has various plastic rings of different sizes, which you can easily use to determine your size.


Please note: We recommend trying on various ring sizes a few times over a week or two, as people’s hands are subject to change due to swelling and temperature conditions. In this case, we aim to find your average ring size over the course of the week so we can tailor your ring to match.


Measuring With a String, Paper, and Ruler


If you are in a pinch without a plastic ring sizer and cannot make it to a jewellery store, you can measure your finger with a string, paper, or even a tiny flexible measuring tape. In this case, you would essentially cut a piece of string or paper that is long enough to wrap around your finger, and then, with the paper or string held around your finger, draw a little notch where the overlapping point is. You can then use this measurement to compare to a ring size chart, which can be found online.


Measure With a Ring-Size Chart


After you have measured the circumference of your finger, you can use this measurement to see what ring size it corresponds to. For example, a finger circumference of 54.4 mm corresponds to a size 7, which is generally thought of as an average ring size.


More Ring Sizing Tips


As mentioned previously, one of the important factors to consider when attempting to take your ring size at home is that your hand will naturally vary in size over time. This is due to changes in water retention, temperature, and swelling. For this reason, whatever method you use to take your ring size, we recommend redoing it every few days throughout the week to get your average ring size.


Sometimes, despite having a size that fits, some individuals still find that their engagement ring turns and spins on their finger. This is caused by the difference in circumference between the knuckle and the rest of the finger where the ring sits. In this case, our goldsmith can create various methods of helping your ring sit more snuggly. 




We hope that this article has helped educate you about some ways to measure your ring size. Please keep in mind that this is a service we provide for all of our clients. If you happen to be from outside of Winnipeg, we can also do consultations virtually over Zoom or Facetime, in which case we can easily walk you through the process of finding your ring size at home.


About Omori Diamonds


We are a father-and-son team specializing in creating beautiful wedding and custom engagement rings in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We work with clients one-on-one from our comfortable office space and guide them through the process of choosing the perfect diamonds and the design process. If you are ready to create your masterpiece, please contact us through our contact forms or email us.




How Do I Know I Have the Right Size?


When taking your ring size at home, we recommend repeating the process several times over the course of a week. This is because people’s ring sizes naturally vary daily based on factors such as temperature, water retention, swelling, etc. For this reason, it is best to determine an average ring size taken from over a week.


What if My Ring Is Resized?


We offer a free complimentary ring sizing to all of our clients. This can be done at your convenience. However, we suggest that you attempt to wear your ring for a few weeks (unless the size is way off!) to get an idea of how your hand fluctuates in size. In cases where your ring does not fit at all, we will provide you with a simple plastic sizing kit to take home; this way, you can determine your exact size over a week, at which point we can size your ring without any problems.


What if I Ordered the Wrong Size Ring?


No problem at all! We provide complimentary free ring sizing and will also be able to measure your ring in person or send you a take-home sizing kit to find your perfect size.


Does Band Thickness Affect Ring Size?


Due to the increased surface area of metal in contact with the finger, wider bands can fit more snugly than thinner bands. Wider rings, in this case, can sometimes be less prone to spinning.