In today’s article we will be showing you how to make sure your wedding ring and engagement ring match. As a top expert in diamonds, wedding rings and engagement rings in Winnipeg, we are here to help you find the perfect rings to complement your style. 

wedding ring and engagement ring

One of the important factors to consider when shopping for an engagement ring, is the sort of wedding ring that will eventually accompany it. This is important because certain styles can work better depending upon your career and lifestyles. While an engagement ring with a very high and delicate setting may be perfect for someone who does work in an office or on a computer, this style may not work well if your job requires you to wear any sort of gloves.

Choosing the perfect wedding ring and engagement ring

Do you want a strait or curved wedding band?

One thing that we always ask our engagement ring clients is, “do you want to have a strait wedding band to fit with your engagement ring?” Sometimes clients will be interested in very low engagement ring settings or rings with ornate cathedral styles. One thing to be aware of is whether or not this style will allow for space for a strait wedding band.

crown style engagement rings winnipeg If you look at the above style, the setting which holds the diamond has a number of intricate details. These details make for a stunning addition to the ring however, if this ring were to be worn with a strait wedding band, it would rub against the basket holding the diamond.

In these cases we would create a custom wedding ring which is curved to sit around the center stone. This can lead to some very interesting shapes. Have a look below for some examples of curved wedding rings and engagement rings which fit and complement each other.

wedding ring and oval engagement rings

Here is an oval diamond engagement ring which has a relatively low setting. For this reason we were able to create an interesting vintage style wedding ring which curves around the diamond.

sapphire wedding ring and engagement ring

Here is beautiful matching pink sapphire wedding ring and engagement ring set. As you can see, the double halo on the engagement ring is quite substantial. For this reason this style of ring would not fit with a strait band. However we were able to craft a curved wedding band which perfectly complemented the ring.

Want to learn more about Sapphires? Be sure to check out the articles on the GIA website.

emerald cut diamond engagement ring winnipeg

Here is another engagement ring and wedding ring set. In this case the center diamond was set high above the band allowing for space for a strait wedding ring. This is the best choice of setting for anyone who would like the option of wearing the wedding ring by itself.

Gemstones or diamonds?

Another consideration is whether or not you would like to have colored gemstones in your rings. Sometimes clients wish to match the appearance and color of the stones in their wedding ring to those in their engagement ring. Sometimes clients may like to create some contrast by adding sapphires to their wedding band even if the engagement ring only features diamonds.

matching wedding and engagement rings canada

In the above case you can see that the bands on the engagement ring and wedding ring are virtually identical.

diamond wedding ring sapphire engagement ring

In the above wedding set, the engagement ring features a single blue sapphire, however the wedding ring is lined with diamonds creating a beautiful color and sparkle contrast.


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