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custom emerald ring winnipeg

At Omori Diamonds inc., one of the most exciting parts of our job is creating unique pieces of custom jewelry which feature rare and precious coloured gemstones. Due to the popularity of the famous sapphire engagement rings worn by the royal families, we receive many request to create rings which feature ceylon sapphires of all colours. In the case of the ring we are showing you today, our client approached us with the idea of creating a custom emerald and diamond ring for his wife as an anniversary gift. As is often the case, we began the process by bringing in a variety of emeralds ranging in sizes and shapes for him to choose from. In this case our client chose the most beautiful one there. A rectangular cut emerald with a deep green colour.

A bit about emeralds…

Emeralds belong to a mineral family known as beryl and they exhibit a flat topped, hexagonal shape in their natural form. They score a 7.5-8 on the mohs scale of hardness which puts them as being slightly less hard than sapphires (with diamonds being the most hard substance). It is believed that the first emerald mines were in Ancient Egypt aroung 3500 BC, and as a result of their beauty, these stones were treasured by royalty.

emeralds winnipeg

Like with other precious gemstones, emeralds are graded based on the 4 c’s of colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. When selecting the perfect emerald for a client, we make sure to take all factors into account so that we can be sure to help them choose the highest quality and largest stone within their given budget.

Colour: Emeralds generally range from a bluish green to a deep and saturated green which can be likened to that of some of the worlds most beautiful oceans. It is important to choose an emerald which displays even colour saturation throughout. What distinguishes emeralds is their dark colour. Lighter coloured gems are instead referred to as green beryl.

Clarity: This refers to the presence of any internal inclusions or visible trace materials. With emeralds it is expected to see a “garden” of internal inclusions as these occur naturally in the stone and can even enhance the gems appearance.

Cut: Due to the natural shape of the stone, emeralds are usually cut into the characteristic square or “emerald cut” which is also popular in diamonds. As shown in the above image, emeralds can also be cut into the shape of an oval as well as other shapes.

Carat: This refers to the weight of the stone. Due to having a lower density, emeralds will usually appear larger than a diamond of the same carat weight.


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The design process behind our lates emerald and diamond ring…

After our client selected the perfect emerald for his anniversary ring we began by discussing design ideas with him. After agreeing upon a general design we then went on to create some computer aided design images for him to approve.

custom emerald rings winnipeg

winnipeg emerald rings custom

These above images provide an accurate look at how the design will look when it is finished. This stage also allows our clients to suggest any changes to the final design. After approval of the CAD images, we then went on to create a wax model for the client to view again. Once we received the go ahead, we then went on to complete the design by having the wax shape cast in precious metal. At this point our master goldsmith polished the design and set the emerald and diamonds. We are very proud to say that we have received word from our client that his wife loved the ring and that it looks great on her hand!



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