As designers and creators of fine jewelry and engagement rings, one question we often get asked by clients is in regards to proper care for their engagement rings. Although we offer lifetime cleaning, polishing, and inspection on all of our rings, in today’s article, we’d like to provide you with some tips on engagement ring care, which you can use at home so that your masterpiece will remain as bright as ever.


1. Clean Your Engagement Ring Regularly


Keeping your engagement ring clean is essential to maintain its brilliance and lustre. Believe it or not, diamonds will attract oil and dust. Hand lotions and sunscreen may create a slight film on your diamond over time. Regular cleanings at home are simple and effective. Create a solution of warm water and mild dish soap such as basic detergent or Mr. Clean, then soak your ring for roughly 10 minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to gently clean the ring, paying attention to the nooks and crevices where dirt may accumulate. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the metal or gemstones. 


You can do this as frequently as you like, although we often recommend once every six weeks or so. We also provide special polishing cloths with our engagement rings and fine jewelry pieces, which can be used at home as part of your engagement ring care routine to help brighten up your gold. We recommend professional cleanings by a trusted jeweller every six months to ensure your ring’s optimal shine and condition.


2. Understand That Diamonds Aren’t Invincible


Diamonds may be one of the hardest substances on Earth, but they’re not immune to damage. Avoid wearing your engagement ring during activities that may subject it to potential harm, such as lifting weights, gardening, or other hands-on activities. Even though diamonds can withstand impact, a strong blow can still chip or fracture the stone. Additionally, take off your ring before engaging in household chores involving harsh chemicals, as they may dull the sparkle of the gemstones and affect the metal’s finish.


Special care should be taken if you have opted for a particularly delicate diamond ring setting. Rings with thin bands have become popular lately; however, we often caution against very thin bands as these can be less durable and lead to stones coming loose. For this reason, our expert design team tends to suggest bands that are both elegant and durable.


3. Refresh the Metal Setting Every Few Years


To ensure the security of your precious gem, have the metal setting inspected by a professional jeweller after six months of wearing it and then about once a year after that. They will assess the prongs and ensure they’re in good condition, tightening or repairing them as needed. During your inspection, your jeweller will polish your ring, bringing its sparkle back to life. In the case of white gold settings, these may be plated with a thin coating of rhodium which can wear off over time. For this reason, your jeweller may recommend having your ring replated every few years to ensure it retains its bright white shine.


4. Only Use Mild Cleaning Solutions


When cleaning your engagement ring at home, stick to mild cleaning solutions. Some gemstones, such as opals or pearls, are sensitive to acidity, so avoiding harsh chemicals is crucial. As mentioned earlier, use warm water and mild dish soap solution or Mr. Clean. When it comes to home engagement ring care, all that is needed is a gentle soap to remove any layers of hand lotions or oils that may have built up over time. This method is gentle on the precious stones and metal, leaving your ring looking radiant and clean.


5. Get Engagement Ring Insurance


An engagement ring is not just a financial investment; it also holds immense sentimental value. To safeguard both aspects, consider getting comprehensive engagement ring insurance. Insurance policies can cover loss, theft, or damage to your ring, providing you with peace of mind. Discuss your options with an insurance provider specializing in jewelry coverage to ensure you have the protection you need. We provide all of our clients with an independent appraisal of their engagement ring or fine jewelry piece so that their ring can be covered by insurance if it gets lost or stolen.


6. Store Your Engagement Ring Safely


When it comes to engagement ring care, one area that’s often overlooked is what to do with your ring when you take it off. Store your engagement ring in safe and designated spots when you’re not wearing it. Avoid leaving it loose on countertops or near sinks, as it could accidentally fall and get damaged. House vents on the floor could be particularly tricky if your ring falls in one! Opt for a soft, fabric-lined jewelry box or a pouch to protect your ring from scratches and dust. Store it separately from other jewelry pieces to prevent potential scratching or tangling.


7. Avoid Resizing Your Ring Too Frequently


As your fingers may experience slight changes in size due to temperature or weight fluctuations, it’s tempting to resize your engagement ring for a perfect fit. However, resizing too frequently can weaken the metal over time. Instead, consider using temporary ring sizing adjusters if needed, and consult with a professional jeweller if you believe a permanent resizing is necessary. As hands can vary in size day to day due to swelling or water retention, we often suggest that clients wear their engagement ring for at least two weeks before considering having it sized, as this can give both them and our team a better idea of how much the ring needs to be sized to account for variabilities which occur.


8. Know When To Take Your Ring Off


While your engagement ring is designed to be durable, there are times when it’s best to take it off to avoid potential loss or damage. For instance, the cold water of swimming pools can cause your finger to temporarily decrease in size, which could increase the risk of the ring slipping off. Activities that involve heavy machinery or the application of lotions and perfumes can leave residues on your ring, diminishing its shine. Be mindful of these situations and remove your ring when necessary to keep it looking its best. We also recommend taking off your ring at the gym or whenever you will be lifting anything heavy.


9. Keep a Designated Spot for Your Ring


Creating a habit of placing your engagement ring in a designated spot when you take it off can help prevent misplacement or loss. Whether it’s a jewelry dish on your dresser or a ring holder near the kitchen sink, having a specific place to store your ring will reduce the likelihood of accidentally leaving it behind. We recommend keeping your ring box handy for this reason or even having small ring dishes around the house so that you can easily place your ring inside, knowing where it is at all times.


Create Your Sparkling Symbol of Love With Omori Diamonds


At Omori Diamonds, we understand the significance of your engagement ring. We believe that every love story is unique and deserves a ring that reflects that special bond. Our expert jewellers are passionate about creating personalized and breathtaking engagement rings that capture the essence of your relationship. From selecting the perfect diamond to crafting exquisite custom engagement rings in Winnipeg, we are dedicated to bringing your dream ring to life.


Your engagement ring is a treasure that symbolizes the beginning of a lifelong journey filled with love and commitment. By following these essential tips on engagement ring care, you can ensure that this cherished piece remains as radiant and special as your love for each other. From regular cleanings and professional inspections to proper storage and insurance, caring for your engagement ring is a meaningful way to honour the symbol of your love story. Remember that a well-maintained ring will continue to shine brightly, just like the love you share.