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When it comes to engagement rings, there are some classic styles that are always popular. These range from solitaire, side stone and of course, halo engagement ring designs.

However there are also some other exciting and unique engagement ring ideas you may want to consider.

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Ruby Engagement Rings

Up first on our list of exciting engagement ring ideas is one of the most durable gemstones around: Rubies. Like Sapphires, Rubies are an excellent choice for for a unique engagement ring. This is because Rubies are incredibly durable and long lasting. Their deep red color also perfectly complements rose gold, as seen above in one of our latest 7 stone designs.

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Unique Hidden Details

Next on our list of ideas is the use of hidden gems, engravings and details. In this design we included a little hidden paw print on the bridge of the design. Other similar options include hidden halos, heart shaped gems on the bridge and engraving on the inside of the band.

3 Exciting Engagement Ring Ideas

Matching Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Sets

Another idea to keep in mind when custom designing your engagement ring is the wedding band, In this case, the two rings were designed pretty much at the same time in order to complement each other perfectly. This creates the look of a single piece when worn on the finger. We recommend browsing various examples of matching bands for ideas.

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