We specialize in the finest engagement rings and diamonds including lab grown diamond in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We work directly with you to source the largest and highest quality diamond for your budget and create your dream ring using your inspiration as a guide. Read on to learn more. 

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A Stunning Alternative To Natural

Lab grown diamonds are created using using a special state of the art technology which mimics what goes on inside of the earth’s crust to produce natural diamonds. This process results in the creation of diamonds which have essentially the same composition and properties of natural diamonds and cannot be differentiated without using special technology by a gemologist. These have the added benefit of being considerably less expensive than natural diamonds, meaning your budget will result in a larger and higher quality stone.

Better Cost & Environmentally Friendly

There are numerous benefits of choosing a lab created diamond, these include: higher value, as well as environmental and ethical reasons.

Value: Lab grown diamonds can be considerably less cost (30%) than a natural diamond. This means that your budget could bring you a diamond which is multiple grades higher in quality and much larger in size than with a natural diamond of the same cost. Further, by working with us directly you are able to cut out the middleman so that your diamond can be brought to you directly from the source, without the large retail markup.

Ethically Sourced & Environmentally Friendly: Lab grown diamonds require no mine and considerably less resources resulting in lower use of energy. They are also tracked and graded by an expert team of gemologists so that their source can be verified.



Submit an inquiry to book a free appointment or call us at (204) 951-7040 to talk to an expert. Let’s create a masterpiece together!

Cut For Brilliance

We specialize in diamonds which have been cut for maximum brilliance. This means that special care is taken to review the exact angles, proportions and other quality measurement of all of our diamonds to insure that they have been cut to create the maximum amount of light return, sparkle, fire and brilliance. During your personal consultation we will go over all aspects of selecting the perfect stone so that you can benefit from our many decades of experience.

Most Popular Ring Styles

Each ring we create is made custom for each client. Choose from our designs on our engagement rings and custom jewellery pages or let us create something completely unique.