Pear diamond engagement rings are currently trending amongst hollywood celebrities and young couples across the country. Read on to learn about some of the most popular styles which feature this timeless and versatile diamond shape. 


Known for their unique tear drop look, pear shaped diamonds are a popular choice for both halo engagement rings and solitaire engagement ring designs alike. This diamond shape combines the best aspects of both the round diamond shape together with the pointed end of the marquise diamond and can have an elongating effect on the finger when worn in a ring.

A top choice for celebrity engagement rings

In recent years, pear diamond engagement rings have been a favourite of numerous celebrities. Perhaps the most popular being Margot Robbie’s engagement ring which features a beautiful pear shaped diamond set in an elegant side stone band. Much has also been talked about, with regards to the similarities between both Paris Hilton’s engagement ring and Cardi B’s engagement ring which both feature large diamond halo’s similar to the styles seen below. Lets take a quick run down of a few things to look for when choosing the perfect pear shaped diamond.

Picking the perfect pear shaped diamond…

Like with all diamonds, pear shaped diamonds are graded based on not only their carat weight, but also on their colour, clarity and cut qualities. Due to the unique shape, we always make sure to examine the diamonds symmetry. This is very important with regards to fancy diamond shapes since much of their appeal comes from their unique and striking outline. When viewing the diamond from the top, imagine a line cutting the diamond in half down the middle and try to compare the two halves, the more closely they resemble each other, the better in terms of symmetry.

Another thing to consider, when choosing a pear shaped diamond is that they can hold more colour than round diamonds, so it may be advised to choose a diamond which scores higher on the GIA colour grading scale. For this reason, pear shaped fancy coloured diamonds can be a very popular choice.

One last thing to consider especially when creating a pear diamond engagement ring is making sure that the design protects the point of the pear shaped diamond, as this is a particularly delicate part of the diamond. This can be done by having a V-prong at the point or by setting the diamond in a bezel or surrounding halo design.

For more in depth information on selecting diamonds please visit the GIA website, as they have a large knowledge resource available for free.

Now for the designs…

pear diamond engagement ring winnipeg

Strikingly similar to both Paris Hilton and Cardi B’s engagement rings, this design features a partially split band and a double diamond halo for added sparkle.

pear diamond engagement ring

halo pear diamond engagement ring with single row of side diamonds

pear diamond engagement rings winnipeg

halo pear diamond engagement ring with double row of side diamonds

For those of you who love the simplicity of halo engagement rings with a side stone band, the above designs show off single and double rows of side diamonds.

yellow pear diamond engagement ring

As mentioned previously, pear diamond engagement rings can look stunning with fancy coloured diamonds, especially yellow. This design features a sunny and bright centre stone surrounded by the classic and sleek modern halo.

pear diamond rose gold engagement ring

The above ring is a custom engagement ring that we created which features both white and pink gold for a unique twist. Each of the intertwining bands is lined with bright and beautiful side diamonds for added sparkle.

pear diamond solitaire engagement ring

Last but not least, this solitaire custom engagement ring features a tapered knife edge, similar to those seen in Tiffany designs. As you can see, this design has a V-prong which is securing the point of the diamond for added protection.

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