Lab Created Diamonds In Winnipeg

Higher Value

30-50% less expensive than mined diamonds of the same quality, resulting in a larger and higher quality diamond for your budget.

Ethically Sourced

Created totally mine free with little waste, energy or land usage resulting in less environmental impact.


Personalized Guidance

Our trusted experts guide you through picking the perfect stone and customizing your unique design.

What are lab created diamonds?

Lab created diamonds have been created using state of the art technology and are virtually identical to natural diamonds. Through the use of high heat & high pressure they are grown in an environment which mimics the natural conditions which occur in the earth. Thanks to this eco-friendly technology, you can expect to save considerable cost on your diamond resulting in a bigger and brighter stone than previously possible for the same cost. 


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We provide access to the finest lab grown diamonds in Winnipeg without the retail markup. Meet directly with our diamond expert and designer to pick the perfect stone and craft the design you will treasure for life. Call or inquire below to book your private consultation.

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