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Hello, and welcome to the Omori Diamonds inc., Winnipeg Engagement Rings journal. In todays entry, we are going to be showing you a lovely custom, pear shaped diamond engagement ring that we created a while back. Like, many of our engagement rings, this design was crafted from the ground up, using the most advanced custom design techniques available. Keep reading to learn more!

The Custom Engagement Ring Design Process…

We began the process by discussing ideas with our client. He showed us a number of images of designs he loved, to be used as inspiration. We also discussed the in’s and out’s of selecting a perfect pear shaped diamond.

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pear shaped diamond winnipeg omori diamonds

The bright and beautiful, pear shaped diamond used in this design.


Computerized Custom Design Images…

After looking at some of the images our client showed us of his favourite designs, we began creating some CAD (computer aided design) images for him to view and approve. Computer aided design is a very important tool when designing custom jewelry, as it allows our clients to see multi-angle representations of what their custom engagement ring will look like when it’s finished.

custom design engagement rings winnipeg

winnipeg custom engagement rings jewelry

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As you can see from the above design images, the CAD rendered pictures give an extremely accurate representation of the final engagement ring design.


The Wax Carving 

Once the client had viewed and approved the design images, our team then went on to create the design in wax. This once again, provides an accurate model of the engagement ring. The wax model is also what is used when the design is finally cast in gold.

custom jewelry design engagement rings winnipeg

Casting The Engagement Ring…

Once the wax was created, our team then went on to one of the last steps in the custom engagement ring design process. The design was then cast in yellow gold.

winnipeg engagamenet rings diamond

diamond engagement rings winnipeg


Finishing the design…

With the engagement ring design cast, we then went on to complete the design. Our master goldsmith polished the gold and set both the small diamonds, and the large pear shaped diamond. With the engagement ring complete, we called our client to come and pick up his custom design. Needless to say, he was very happy. View more images of this custom engagement ring design below.

pear shaped diamond engagement rings winnipeg

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