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Winnipeg Engagement Ring Journal #20: Custom Pear Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Hello, and welcome to the Omori Diamonds inc., Winnipeg engagement ring journal. In today’s entry we are going to show you a beautiful and modern custom solitaire engagement ring that we created for a special couple a while back. This custom design is a simple and sleek ring, which features a sculpted knife edge and a bright and beautiful pear shaped diamond. We will now go into detail about the custom jewelry design process that went into making this ring.

It began with a sketch…

After discussing ideas with the client, we began by creating some rough sketches of the design. This is a helpful way to make sure that we have interpreted the client’s ideas correctly before we proceed. With this design, one of the main features, is the sculpted knife edge on the band.

winnipeg custom design engagement rings

Basic custom jewelry design sketches

custom jewelry design winnipeg rings


Carving the engagement ring design in wax…

After sketching the design, Jim went on to carve the shape of the engagement ring in wax. Using precise measurements of the client’s finger size and the techniques he has developed over years of experience, Jim was able to carve the shape perfectly to the correct size and shape.

custom rings winnipeg

winnipeg engagement ring design

Please Note: you may have noticed in other entries of our Winnipeg engagement ring journal, that we often use CAD (computer aided design), where the shape of the custom jewelry piece is 3D printed out in a wax resin. In the case of the solitaire engagement ring we are showing you today, we decided to carve the shape by hand, as it is a simpler design and we enjoy working with our hands when possible. In the case of more complex, micro set and halo designs we usually use CAD.

engagement ring design winnipeg

The bright and beautiful pear shaped diamond…

loose diamonds in winnipeg

The design was set with a beautiful pear shaped diamond. As mentioned in previous articles, when selecting a pear shaped diamond, it is very important to be sure that it is cut to the right proportions to ensure maximum brilliance. At Omori Diamonds inc., we take special care to scrutinize and review the quality measurements of every diamond that we source, in order to be make sure that the client is getting the absolute biggest and brightest diamond possible within their budget.

Learn more about pear shaped diamonds in our article here.

The finishing touches…

After the shape was carved, we cast the design in precious metal (white gold). After this, our master gold smith polished the design and set the diamond. We then contacted our clients to come and pick up their design. We are very happy to say that they loved their custom Omori engagement ring.

diamond rings in winnipeg

diamond engagement rings winnipeg diamonds

winnipeg custom diamond rings

Want to see more of this custom solitaire engagement ring? Check out the video HERE

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