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blue diamond engagement ring winnipeg

Custom blue diamond solitaire engagement ring by Omori Diamonds inc.

Welcome back to the Omori Diamonds inc., Winnipeg engagement ring journal. In this entry, we are going to talk about a spectacular custom solitaire engagement ring that we created, featuring a bright and beautiful blue diamond.

As mentioned in a previous blog, many couples are choosing both coloured gemstones and coloured diamonds as a unique feature in their engagement rings. This may be due to the popularity of the famous Sapphire engagement ring which is now worn by Kate Middleton.

Hand carving the design…

The client approached us with some ideas that he had for his engagement ring. After discussing some design ideas, we were able to carve the design by hand, in wax.

In many cases, we use CAD (computer aided design) to create our custom engagement rings. This is because some clients request complex micro set and halo designs, however with the case of the classic solitaire, we often favour the hands on approach of carving the design by hand.

Carving by hand also allow the designer to have greater control over the specific details as the design is taking shape. In many cases we can also make direct alterations to the design based on the client’s input.

custom engagement rings winnipeg


Choosing the blue diamond…

blue diamond winnipeg diamond rings

When it came time to select a beautiful blue diamond, we made sure to search our network of sources, for the absolute best and brightest. As is the case when selecting any fancy coloured diamond, colour is one of the most important aspects. It is important to choose a diamond which has a rich blue colour without any strong traces of green or grey. In terms of colour saturation, the diamond should have a nice intense blue and not appear pale or faint to the eye.

As with Sapphires, there is a common misconception that the darker the stone the better. Although the colour tone comes down to personal preference, it should be noted that if the diamond or gemstone is too dark, it may appear black and not show off the desirable brilliance.

blue diamond engagement ring

Image from the G.I.A. showing the difference in colour tones between blue diamonds.

To learn more about coloured diamonds be sure to check out this page on the G.I.A. website.

The finished masterpiece…

After the wax was carved and the diamond was selected, we then went on to cast the engagement ring design in precious metal. Our goldsmith then polished the design and set the beautiful blue diamond. At this point we contacted our client to come and pick up his blue diamond engagement ring. We are very happy and proud of this design and pleased to know that his fiancé loved the design as well!

engagement rings winnipeg blue diamond


blue diamond winnipeg jewelry

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