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In this entry of our Winnipeg custom engagement ring series, we are going to show you a wonderful marquise diamond halo engagement ring that we created for a client and close family friend. This design not only features a brilliant centre diamond, but also the unique and elegant touch of baguette shaped diamonds running on either side of the band. This gives the engagement ring that extra sparkle when viewed from the top or at an angle. A truly dazzling touch!

A little bit about Marquise Shaped Diamonds…

Marquise shaped diamonds are one of our favourite diamond shapes. The marquise is the longest shape for a given carat weight. Due to its elongated appearance, we like to say it gives you more sparkle for your buck!

When selecting a marquise shaped diamond to be used in an engagement ring or other piece of custom jewelry, it is very important to ensure that the diamond has very precise symmetry and proportions so that the ends match each other and that the maximum amount of light is reflected back out the top.

The design process…

With this design, we discussed a variety of styles with the client and decided to craft the design around the chosen diamond. As usual, we began the process by creating some 3D CAD (computer aided design) renderings for the client to view so that they  get an idea of what their custom engagement ring will look like when it is finished.

custom winnipeg diamond rings engagement

winnipeg custom diamond engagement rings

Further Customization? No Problem!!!

As you can see from the above images, the original engagement ring design featured a smooth band with no diamonds down the side. After reviewing the CAD images, the client decided to have the added feature of diamonds down the side for added sparkle. For a unique touch, we used some bright and beautiful baguette shaped diamonds which fit to the contour of the white gold band perfectly.


omori diamonds engagement rings

Before – Plain band

winnipeg engagement ring designer

After- With Diamonds


engagement ring winnipeg diamond


On to the casting…

Once the final CAD images were approved we moved on to the next stage. The design was printed out in wax, giving the client a more detailed look at their engagement ring. This is often a fun and exciting stage in the design process as it lets the client see their design coming to life. Once they view the wax shape, we then advance on to the next stage where the design is cast in precious metal.

designer engagement rings winnipeg omori diamonds

Unpolished white gold casting

The finishing touches…

Finally, once the shape of the engagement ring has been cast, we move on to the final stage. Our master goldsmith polishes the design and sets the diamonds perfectly in place so they can shine brightly in the ring for all to see. Once the ring is completed we contacted our client to come down and pick up his custom engagement ring. Needless to say, he and his fiancé were very thrilled!


marquise diamond engagement ring winnipeg

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omori diamonds winnipeg ring engagement


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