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In this entry of the Omori Diamonds inc., Winnipeg engagement ring journal we are showing off a brilliant and beautiful rose gold halo engagement ring which features an exceptional oval cut diamond. This ring was created for a special couple who is close to our family. Whether we are dealing with first time clients or old friends, everyone who works with Omori Diamonds inc. can be sure that they will receive both top of the line service and quality.

For this particular ring, we began the process by discussing the ins and outs of diamonds and ring styles. In this case, our client showed us a picture of a style that his, now Fiancé loved. We were happy to oblige and create the ring to his requests.

CAD Images

The process began by creating some computer generated (CAD) images. These images are created by our expert team and they allow us to get an up close look at how the design of the engagement ring will appear when it is finished, from a variety of angles. The CAD data also provides all of the information on the dimensions of the ring itself so that the shape can be 3D printed or carved out of wax.

custom halo engagement rings

CAD image of engagement ring (diagonal view)


custom design engagement ring

CAD image of engagement ring (front view)


halo engagement rings

CAD image of engagement ring (side view)


Creating the design in rose gold

As you can see, although the CAD images show the ring in white gold, our client decided to have the ring created in rose gold. This was an excellent choice and rose gold certainly seems to be increasing with popularity every year.

One thing which must be taken into consideration when creating an engagement ring in rose gold, is the softness of the metal itself. Both rose and yellow gold are softer than white gold. This means that the claws must be built up to make sure that the diamonds stay in place and that the ring is made to last. Many people believe that a ring style that they see of a white gold ring can simply be duplicated in yellow or rose gold. This may not be the case especially when the ring has many small diamonds on the halo and down the sides of the band of the engagement ring.

During the creation of this ring, we made sure to build up the claws so that the ring will not only look beautiful but will also be very durable.

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Completing the design…

After creating the CAD images, our team then went on to create the shape in wax. This wax was then used to cast the shape of the design in precious metal (in this case rose gold). Once this stage was completed, we then had our goldsmith polish the design and set the centre diamond as well as the side and halo stones. As you can see, the design turned out perfectly and we are very happy to announce that our clients loved their ring and are now happily engaged!

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