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Hello and welcome back to the Omori Diamonds inc., Winnipeg engagement ring journal, where we give readers a sneak peek into the creative process behind creating our spectacular custom engagement rings. Today we are going to show you a unique tree and leaf inspired engagement ring, which features a beautiful ideal cut round diamond.

The first ideas…

The client approached us with some wonderful ideas for a custom ring for his girlfriend. As they both love nature and live outside of the city, he wanted to create an engagement ring that would reflect the shape and texture of trees, branches and leaves. Jim Omori began the process by creating some simple hand drawings to ensure that we would interpret the client’s ideas.

jewelry designer winnipeg

After further discussion of the engagement ring design, the client provided his own sketches as well, to fine tune the details. As you can see, the ring would feature branches climbing up the sides of the band with the smaller branches and leaves wrapping around the diamond to create a unique and streamlined setting.

winnipeg jewelry designer

Creating the design with the aid of technology…

After the first consultation, our expert jewelry design team began creating some computer renderings for the client to view. This stage in the design process lets the client see the shape of their engagement ring from a variety of angles and suggest any changes they would like to make to the design prior to moving forward.

custom engagement ring designer winnipeg

tree inspired custom engagement ring – side view

winnipeg custom engagement ring designer

tree inspired custom engagement ring – diagonal view


winnipeg engagement rings designer

tree inspired custom engagement ring band view

winnipeg jewelry designers

tree inspired custom engagement ring front view


As you can see from the above CAD (computer aided design) images, the renderings provide an accurate look at how the ring will appear when finished. They are also remain true to the original idea. It is through this process that we are able to help our clients to bring their ideas to life in the form of a special piece of personalized fine jewelry.


The finishing touches…

After the client approved the CAD images, we then went on to have the design 3D printed in a wax resin. This stage once again, allows the client to see their design up close and to suggest changes they would like made to their custom ring. In this case the client was very thrilled with his design and we then went on to cast the design in precious metal (white gold). At this point, our expert goldsmith created the special textured brush finish and set the beautiful diamond. We then contacted our client to pick up his custom Omori engagement ring and the rest is history!

custom engagement rings omori diamonds

Want to see more of this tree and leaf inspired custom engagement ring? View the video HERE!


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