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oval diamond engagement rings winnipeg

In this entery of the Omori Diamonds inc., Winnipeg engagement ring journal, we are going to show you an elegant and streamlined custom ring that we created just before Christmas. This design features a modern, yellow gold, side stone band with a magnificently bright oval cut diamond. Read on to learn more about oval shaped diamonds and the custom design process that went into creating this special engagement ring.

A bit about Oval Shaped Diamonds…

The oval diamond cut is a relatively new diamond cut, dating back to the 1960’s, and is referred to as a modified brilliant cut due to its similarities in fire and brilliance to the brilliant or round cut. This is an excellent choice for people who love the look of round diamonds but who want something a bit more unique. Due to its elongated shape, the oval cut also creates the appearance of a larger diamond for a given carat weight, resulting in “more sparkle for your buck”.

As is the case with all diamond shapes, the quality measurements based on the 4 C’s (colour, clarity, carat and cut) are very important as is the diamonds proportions. At Omori Diamonds inc., we take extra special care to scrutinize every aspect of a diamonds quality to insure maximum sparkle, fire and brilliance. We also specialize specifically in diamonds graded by the G.I.A. (gemological institute of America) as they are the most reputable and trusted grading labs. This means that our clients always know what they are buying and can shop with confidence.

Other designs featuring Oval Diamonds:

oval diamonds winnipeg

diamond rings winnipeg oval diamonds


The design process…

The client discussed a variety of design options with us, in terms of the style he wanted for his custom engagement ring. After viewing some examples of designs that he showed us, we began by creating some CAD (computer aided design) images for him to view and approve.


diamond engagement ring winnipeg

CAD image of oval diamond engagement ring (front view)

winnipeg diamond engagement ring

CAD image of oval diamond engagement ring diagonal view

oval diamonds winnipeg rings

CAD image of oval diamond engagement ring side view

CAD renderings provide the client with an opportunity to see a 3D representation of their jewelry design and to suggest any changes to the design. In this case, the client decided on having his ring created in yellow gold, as opposed to the white gold shown in the renderings. Once the design was approved, our team continued with the design process. The shape was 3D printed out in wax resin which was then cast in gold, At this point our master goldsmith polished the design and set the diamonds. We then contacted our client to pick up his design. We are very happy to say that both he and his fiance’ love their custom engagement ring, crafted by Omori Diamonds inc..

oval engagement rings winnipeg

omori diamonds engagement rings winnipeg

Do you want to see more of this custom oval diamond engagement ring design? View the video HERE


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