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oval diamond halo engagement ring omori diamonds winnipeg

Custom oval diamond halo engagement ring.

Welcome back to our latest edition of the Omori Diamonds inc., Winnipeg engagement ring journal. Today, we are going to talk about a recent custom engagement ring design that we created. This design is a spectacular yellow gold, oval diamond halo engagement ring. It features a simple, elegant band and an ornate bridge. Read on to learn more about the custom jewelry process behind it’s creation!

The custom design process…

We began the process by helping our client to select a beautiful and brilliant oval shaped diamond. As always, we took special care to ensure that the diamond was cut to spectacular perfection so that it would be sure to shine magnificently under all lighting conditions.

After discussing some design ideas with the client, the first step was to create some CAD (computer aided design) images, of their custom engagement ring. We feel that this is a crucial step in the custom jewelry design process, as it allows the client to see how their design will look from a variety of angles. During this stage, the client can also offer suggests of alterations to make to the design. This ensures that the final engagement ring will turn out just how the client imagines.

oval custom design engagement ring winnipeg

Oval diamond halo engagement ring design image (front view)


winnipeg custom engagement rings oval diamonds

oval diamond halo engagement ring design image (side view)


custom jewelery design winnipeg

custom engagement ring sketch showing measurements


About Oval shaped diamonds…

The oval shaped diamond cut is one of the most elegant shapes and can go beautifully in a variety of styles from vintage to modern. Another exciting aspect about oval shaped diamonds is that, due to their length, they can appear larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight. For example, a 1 carat oval cut diamond can have a 10% larger surface area than a round diamond which is 1 carat in weight. This means that you can get more sparkle for your dollar, in a sense, provided that the diamond is expertly cut.

As with all types of diamonds, it is very important to take into account the quality of the diamond and to consider the 4 C’s. The goal should be to find a diamond which is symmetrical and proportional. At Omori Diamonds inc., we take special care to ensure that each and every diamond we source is cut to provide maximum brilliance and light return so that you receive a better, brighter diamond for your budget.

To learn more about Oval Shaped diamonds, check out this article at the GIA website

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Finishing the custom design…

After our client approved the design images, we went on to the next stage in the design process. This involves printing a wax shape of the engagement ring design, which is then cast in precious metal. In the case of this particular custom engagement ring, we cast the shape in yellow gold. At this point, our expert goldsmith then went on to polish the ring and set the diamonds. We then contacted our client to pick up their very own custom Omori Engagement ring. We are very happy so say that both he and his fiancé love their design!

Check out some photos of the custom oval diamond, halo engagement ring.

custom engagement rings winnipeg oval diamonds

oval diamond engagement rings winnipeg

oval diamond halo engagement ring winnipeg



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