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custom halo engagement ring


Welcome back to our Omori Diamonds inc. Winnipeg Engagement Ring Journal. It has been a number of weeks since our last entry, as we have been extremely busy with Christmas orders! In todays article we are going to show you a  custom halo engagement ring that we created for a special couple. This particular ring features custom initials on the bridge. Many clients have requested special “hidden” details on the bridge of their ring as it acts as a special reminder to the person wearing the ring, of their love.


custom engagement rings winnipeg

winnipeg custom rings

The custom design process…

After discussing design ideas with the client, our first step was to create some basic sketches for their approval. Using CAD (computer aided design), our team was able to create 3D renderings. This is a very important step in the jewelry design process, as it allows people to see their design come to life and even suggest changes along the way.

halo engagement rings winnipeg

Engagement ring CAD image (side view)

winnipeg halo engagement rings

Engagement ring CAD image (top view)

winnipeg custom halo engagement rings diamonds

Engagement ring CAD dimensions

As you can see from the above CAD images, the computer is able to create a very accurate representation of what the engagement ring will look like when it is finished. This is due to the fact that the computer is processing all of the actual proportions and measurements of the ring and taking these into account when creating the images.

Finishing the custom design…

custom jewelry rings winnipeg

After viewing the CAD renderings, the client decided to add custom initials to the bridge. We felt that this was a wonderful idea and our team simply adjusted the design to accommodate the initials. After the design was approved, the shape was 3D printed out in a resin model which was then cast in yellow gold. At this point our master goldsmith polished the design and set the exceptionally bright centre and halo diamonds. We then contacted our client to come and pick up his custom Omori engagement ring. We are very proud to say that he and his fiance’  were extremely pleased with their design.

custom rings winnipeg


Want to see more of this custom halo engagement ring with initials design? Check out the video HERE


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