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vintage wedding engagement rings winnipeg

Welcome back to our Winnipeg engagement ring journal! In this entry we are going to show you a spectacular custom vintage engagement ring which features a beautiful round brilliant centre diamond with hearts and arrows. In this journal entry we will walk you through the jewelry design process that goes into the creation of a custom engagement ring.

 Beginning the design process…

As is often the case, we began the creation of this engagement ring by discussing a variety of creative ideas and options with our client. Once we were able to get an idea of the style they were going for, we began by creating some computerized renderings for the client to view and approve.

custom wedding rings winnipeg engagement

custom vintage engagement rings winnipeg wedding

winnipeg engagement rings wedding rings

As you can see from the above images, the CAD renderings give us a detailed layout of the specific proportions of the engagement ring, as well as some realistic multi-angle shots. This is a valuable stage in the custom jewelry design process, because it allows the client to make any desired changes to the design of their custom engagement ring. Once this stage is completed we create the shape in wax which is then cast in precious metal.

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Everyone loves vintage engagement rings!

Vintage engagement rings have become increasingly popular in the past few years, most likely due to the popularity of movies and TV shows such as downtown abbey and the great gatsby. Common features of vintage styling include such things as detailed engraving, and winding vine like details. Ceylon Sapphires can also be a unique feature in vintage engagement rings.

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Finalizing the design…

With the CAD renderings approved, we went on to have the design cast in yellow gold. Once this stage was completed, our expert goldsmith set the diamonds and polished the design. As you can see, this design also features three smaller diamonds down the side. This allows for extra sparkle when viewing the ring at different angles when it is worn on the hand.

With the engagement ring completed, we contacted our client to come and pick up his custom Omori design. Once again, we are proud to say that both he and his fiancé loved the design! View some photos of the design below:

jewelry designer winnipeg engagement rings

vintage engagement rings winnipeg custom

custom vintage engagement rings winnipeg

Want to see more of this custom vintage engagement ring design: view the video HERE

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