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Welcome back to our Winnipeg custom jewelry journal. In todays entry, we are going to be showing you a brilliant Karma Circle, diamond ring that we created for a client. This special design, features 23 round diamonds, set in a circular pattern. Unlike many diamond rings, which feature a single centre stone, this design features many small round diamonds all set in a circle which create a ring or sparkles when worn on the hand.

The custom jewelry process…

The client came to  us with some ideas that she had for a custom diamond ring. She also brought some of her old jewelry to be used during the process. Using your own jewelry can be a great way to lower material costs and retain the sentimental value which that jewelry holds.

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In this case of this particular ring, the client told us that the number 23 had a significant meaning to her, and that she would like to have that incorporated in this design. Together we decided to use 23 beautiful diamonds to line the outside edge of her ring.

The first design images…

As is often the case when it comes to creating custom jewelry, we began the process by creating some computer aided design (CAD) images for the client to view. This provide an accurate representation of what the finished design will look like, from a number of angles.

custom jewelry winnipeg omori diamonds

Custom Diamond Ring (front view)

custom jewelry designer winnipeg

Custom Diamond Ring (side view)

winnipeg custom jewelry designers

Custom Diamond Ring (top view)


Finalizing the design…

After viewing the CAD images, the client was very enthusiastic about having her custom jewelry design created. From here, we went on to have the shape carved out in wax, which was then cast in precious metal. In the case of this particular ring deign, we cast the shape using the clients gold. As you can see from the images below, the ring turned out magnificently. We are also very proud to say that the client loved her design and that it holds great meaning to her, due to the importance of the number 23 and the fact that we were able to use her gold and diamonds to create this special design,

winnipeg custom jewelry rings diamonds

Diamond Circle (In White Gold)

As it turns out, as soon as we posted a picture of the karma circle diamond ring, another client asked to have a similar design created in white gold. We were very happy to oblige! Check out some pictures below.


diamond rings winnipeg custom jewelry

custom jewelry winnipeg diamond rings

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