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custom diamond rings winnipeg jewelry

In todays’s entry of our Winnipeg custom jewelry journal, we are going to show you a special and elegant custom diamond ring that we created. This ring was crafted using a client’s diamonds from her other jewelry. We initially designed this ring using CAD (computer aided design) at which point the shape was created in wax and then cast in gold. Read on to find out more about the custom process behind the creation of this special diamond ring.

Designing the custom diamond ring…

After meeting with the client to discuss design ideas, we created some CAD (computer aided design) renderings of the band. These images are created in order to show our clients how their design will look, from a variety of angles.

diamond ring winnipeg jewelry

custom diamond ring CAD image (diagonal view)

custom diamond rings

custom diamond ring CAD image (top view)

winnipeg custom jewelry

custom diamond ring CAD image (side view)


As you can see, the CAD images provide a very accurate representation of how the ring will look when it is complete. After the client approved the CAD images, we then went on to create the design in wax. This further gives clients the opportunity to see their design and to suggest any changes which they would like.

Finalizing the design…

After approving the wax model, we then had the design cast in gold and our master goldsmith set the client’s diamonds into the custom ring and polished it magnificently. We are very happy to say that she loved her ring!

If you would like to learn more about our custom jewelry process, please visit our “how we work” page or check out our portfolio on the custom jewelry page.

diamond rings at omori diamonds winnipeg

omori diamonds custom rings


Want to see more of this elegant custom diamond ring design? Check out the video HERE.



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