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In todays entry of our Winnipeg custom jewelry designer journal, we are going to show you a design and we are especially proud of. This design was created by Jim Omori, as a tribute to the elegance and rotational movement of figure skating. Jim has often looked to a variety of art forms, figure skating in particular, for inspiration. In this case, the original jewelry design was created by Jim and then modified to fit the client’s individual preferences and family diamonds.

The inspiration…

The Omori triple axel ring design was influenced by the rotational movement of figure skaters. This has long been a favourite inspiration for Jim, as many ring designs leaned themselves to spiral shapes.

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jewelry designer winnipeg custom

In order to create the spiral movement, Jim focused on designing a tapered band lined with side diamonds. This creates the impression of constant sparkle when the ring is viewed from all angles. The band is also crafted to wrap around either side of the centre stone creating a partly closed halo shape.

The first design images…

After roughly sketching the design by hand and then carving a simple wax model, we created some computer aided design (CAD) images. As you can see, the original images differ somewhat to the final design. In many cases, computer images serve as a means of allowing client’s to approve and make changes to their custom jewelry design, before it is created in wax and then cast in precious metal.

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custom winnipeg jewelry designers



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Some creative adjustments…

As many artists will tell you, working within boundaries can be one of the most useful ways to enhance creativity. In the case of the triple axel design, we worked with using a client’s family diamonds. In this case she had a number of baguette shaped diamonds as well as a large centre marquise shaped diamond.

The marquise diamond was used in place of the round centre stone, and we used the baguette diamonds to line the tapered band in place of the round diamond clusters in the original design.


A little bit about marquise shaped diamonds…

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The marquise shaped diamond cut dates back to France during the 1740’s. The shape is believed to have been named after the Marquise de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV, as it was said to resemble the shape of her smile.

The Marquise shaped diamond is the longest diamond for a given carat weight and for that reason it can really give you more sparkle for your buck. The marquise diamond also looks great in a variety of vintage and halo engagement ring styles.

Learn More about marquise shaped diamonds on the G.I.A. website

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The final ring design…

Once the client approved the new design, we had it cast in yellow gold and our master goldsmith polished the design and set the diamonds. We are very proud to say that she loved her design and was thrilled with how we were able to incorporate her family diamonds.

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Want to see more of this custom ring design: view the video here


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