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In todays entry of the Omori Diamonds inc., Winnipeg custom jewelry blog we are going to talk about a spectacular design we created for a client. This design is a custom ruby and platinum anniversary ring which features the brightest VVS diamonds, all around the halo and band. Another unique and special feature of this custom ring design is the heart shaped diamond on the bridge.

custom jewelry winnipeg omori diamonds

Side picture showing the heart-shaped VVS diamond on the bridge.

A little bit about Rubies…

Rubies are a precious gemstone, known for their bright red colour, which belong to the mineral family, corundum. Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide and also includes sapphires as well. Like sapphires, rubies are incredibly hard and durable and score a 9.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Diamonds score a solid 10.0 which means that both rubies and sapphires make an excellent choice for anniversary and engagement rings, due to their everlasting durability.

At Omori Diamonds inc., one of our defining features is our access to some of the most reputable and well known gem dealers in North America. For this reason we are often the first choice for clients looking to create pieces of custom jewelry which feature a variety of exotic sapphires and rubies. Here are a few shots of some custom rings we have created which feature these beautiful gems.

ruby engagement rings winnipeg custom jewelry

custom jewelry winnipeg ruby engagement rings

custom jewelry winnipeg engagement rings ruby


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The creation process…

The client came to us with some spectacular ideas for a unique gemstone ring, to be given as an anniversary gift. He discussed his desire for the ring to feature a ruby with a deep red colour. We were able to source a number of options for him to choose from, and once the stone was selected we began to design the ring around that chosen stone.

The client showed us some images he had collected to be used as inspiration for his custom jewelry design, which we took into account as we began creating CAD (computer aided design) images for him to view and approve.

custom jewelry designers winnipeg

As you can see from the above image, the initial CAD renderings give a detailed look at the exact proportions and measurements of the rings. These can be thought of as blueprints for the shape of the design which is usually 3D printed out in the form of a wax model.

Below, you will see some more realistic CAD renderings of the final design. These give the client a more detailed look at how their custom jewelry piece will look when it is completed and will also give them the opportunity to make any desired changes to their design before it is finalized.

custom engagement ring jewelry winnipeg

custom jewelry designers winnipeg omori diamonds

winnipeg custom jewelry designers omori

ruby engagement rings winnipeg

The wax model…

After the client approved the CAD images, we created the design in wax. This allowed the client to see his design come to life and to insure that it was exactly how he envisioned.

winnipeg jewelry designers custom

The wax design model


The casting…

Once the client approved his design, we move on to the next important stage in the custom jewelry design process, the casting. This involves casting the shape in precious metal so that it can be polished by our master goldsmith who then sets the stones and completes the ring.

winnipeg jewelry custom

The platinum casting

The final design

Once the ring was polished and all the precious diamonds and stones were set, we contacted our client to come pick up his custom Omori design. It is always very rewarding for us to see how excited and thrilled our clients are when they pick up their jewelry. We were also very honoured and happy to know that our client’s wife loved her ring as well!

winnipeg custom jewelry designer omoriThe final designThe final designSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

custom jewelry winnipeg diamonds

jewellers winnipeg custom designjewellers winnipeg custom ring designjewellers winnipegwinnipeg custom jewelry designer omoriwinnipeg custom jewelry designer omoriSaveSave

Want a closer look at this custom jewelry design?: view the video here.

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