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Every year we see new and exciting trends in engagement rings and custom jewelry. Previous years recent years saw a rise in popularity of vintage engagement rings. 2019 and 2020 saw a wave of oval diamond engagement rings and hidden halo designs.

So far, the most popular engagement ring styles in 2022 have been both three stone rings and solitaire engagement rings.

popular engagement ring styles in 2022

Many of these designs feature elegant bands and pointed prongs, creating a modern flair. The above design is a custom yellow gold solitaire engagement ring featuring a brilliant oval diamond which has been cut to perfection.

When creating a solitaire engagement ring

When custom designing an engagement ring with our clients, we take special consideration to discuss such things as band thickness, which is an important factor in the durability of a design. We also discuss important considerations such as whether or not the client would like the option of having a strait wedding band with their engagement ring, in which case we tend to favor a ring with a higher setting, allowing for space for the strait band.

popular three stone engagement ring in 2022

Next on our list of popular engagement ring styles in 2022 is the classic three stone ring. While three stone engagement rings have always been in style, this year we have seen increasing requests for unique engagement ring designs featuring a variety of interesting diamond shapes from emerald cut to pear.

pear sapphire engagement ring winnipeg

The above sapphire engagement ring features a brilliant teal center stone as well as two matching pear diamonds. This style has been very popular on our social media accounts.

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