We specialize in providing the finest diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other precious gemstones such as moissanite in Winnipeg. Clients meet directly with our designer and diamond specialist to receive undivided attention in selecting the perfect stone and style. Read on to learn more about this sparkling alternative which is currently on the rise in popularity.

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As a premier designer of custom jewellery and engagement rings in Winnipeg, we have been receiving a good number of requests to create the perfect moissanite ring for our clients. This sparking gem provides an exciting and cost effective alternative to diamonds and allows people who are working within a budget to get a much larger stone.

The history of moissanite…

Moissanite is a mineral which can occur naturally and was originally discovered by a French geologist names Henry Moissan in 1893, inside of a meteor crater in Arizona. Originally he believed he had discovered diamonds, however it was later determined that the crystals were made of silicone carbide.

Due to the fact that natural moissanite is very rare, the moissanite seen in jewellery and engagement rings today is lab created. By creating moissanite under controlled conditions, special care can be taken to ensure maximum brilliance and clarity. Similar to sapphires, moissanite is an incredibly hard substance, with a rating of 9.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness (diamonds score a solid 10). This means that it makes for the perfect choice for an engagement ring, as it will last a lifetime.

Aside from durability, other advantages of moissanite include its cost effectiveness, as it is much less expensive per carat then diamond. If you are working within a smaller budget, this means you will be able to afford a larger centre stone for your engagement ring than if you were to get a diamond.  It is also an eco friendly choice as it is created in a lab with minimal impact on the environment.

A unique sparkle…

Moissanite is actually more sparkly than diamonds and also has a different crystal structure. This results in it exhibiting its own unique brand of brilliance when compared to diamonds. One key difference is the larger range of brilliant colours which can be seen, especially in the sunlight. This can create a bright rainbow of flashes showing brilliant blues and greens.

Engagement ring styles…

Moissanite can look beautiful in both solitaire and diamond accent engagement ring designs. In terms of shapes, the most popular is round, however we have also created a number of custom rings which feature cushion and oval cut moissanite as well.

For those who really want to accentuate the unique sparkle, a halo ring can be an excellent choice as the smaller diamonds will really help the centre stone to pop.

halo moissanite engagement ring

We have also created a number of vintage engagement rings which feature moissanite centre stones. It seems that the intricate engraving and detailed bands of vintage styling really seem to go well with this brilliant centre stone.

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vintage moissanite engagement rings winnipeg


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