We specialize in helping our clients to create their perfect engagement ring and wedding bands through a unique and personalized design process. We begin by listening to what you are looking for in terms of your perfect ring and diamond, and then help you to choose the absolute best and brightest diamond for your budget. This means that you will be provided with our honest expertise on diamond and gem quality so that you will be proud to wear your special ring for a lifetime.

When looking to create the perfect custom engagement ring for your partner it can help move the process along if you can provide us with some information about the fashion preferences and lifestyle of the person who will be wearing it. Below is a list of a few pointers to keep in mind for when that special time arrives !

Whats your style? Vintage? Modern? Elegant? 

When it comes to custom engagement rings at Omori Diamonds inc., the options are endless. While some clients love the detailed engraving and antique appeal of vintage engagement rings, others prefer the modern halo design which feature a ring of diamonds around the band. If you are planning on a surprise engagement, take some time to look at your partner’s other jewellery to get a feel for their style. You can also have a look at their pinterest boards or social media to see what sorts of fashion and style they love.


classic vintage engagement rings in winnipeg

Vintage Engagement Ring

halo engagement rings in winnipeg

Halo engagement ring

sidestone engagement rings in winnipeg

Side stone engagement ring with split band


Lifestyle and occupation…

Another often overlooked factor when choosing the perfect custom engagement ring is the lifestyle or occupation of the person wearing it. One of the current trends with regards to engagement rings, is the delicate thin bands with diamonds down the sides. These design can be perfect for individuals who do work in the office or corporate environment, however if the individual is doing manual work or frequent heavy exercise, these designs can be susceptible to wear over time. For this reason we often suggest more robust solitaire designs or in the case of side stone and halo engagement rings, we may suggest using larger claws or a more sturdy setting to be sure that the ring will be able to withstand the wear and tear over time.

solitaire engagement ring

Classic solitaire engagement ring

The perfect diamond or gemstone…

One more variable to keep in mind with regards to creating your custom engagement ring is of coarse, the diamond or gemstone. When it comes to diamonds, there are a number of options to choose from. Unless your loved one has mentioned a particular shape that they love, we always recommend round diamonds as they are the classic shape and never go out of style. For those who prefer a square shape, princess cut and cushion cut diamonds are also great options.

rose gold diamond engagement rings winnipeg

Round brilliant cut diamond in rose gold

princess cut diamond engagement rings winnipeg

Princess cut platinum engagement ring


Ovals and marquise cut diamonds are also very popular for their unique shape and the elongating effect they can have on the hand. Marquise are the longest diamond shape for a given carat weight and so some consider the marquise diamond shape to give you “more sparkle for your buck.”

oval diamond engagement rings winnipeg

Oval diamond halo engagement ring

marquise diamond rings winnipeg

Marquise diamond halo engagement ring


For those who wish to create a non-diamond engagement ring, Sapphires and Rubies are also excellent options as these gemstones are also very durable and wear well over time. In recent times, due to the popularity of the royal family engagement rings, Sapphires have become increasingly popular. During your consultation we will be sure to discuss various options to be sure that you choose the perfect stone for your perfect ring.



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