Custom Engagement Ring journal: Winding side stone design

*This article is part of a new series of entries titled “Custom Engagement Ring Journal” where we will be documenting some of our recent custom jewellery and engagement ring creations. 

At Omori Diamonds inc., Winnipeg one of our favourite aspects of our work is helping clients to design their perfect engagement ring. Sometimes this involves the client bringing in their own ideas, however there are many times when they may choose from our pre-designed styles or even mix and match ideas.

In the example below, the client loved the winding band on one of our two stone engagement ring styles, shown below. However they wanted to have one larger diamond in the centre as opposed to two smaller ones. In this case we were able to recreate the exact same style, using CAD (computer aided design) and to set a bright and beautiful, larger diamond in the centre.

View the end result below:


diamond engagement ring winnipeg

Original two-stone diamond engagement ring design


CAD image of new design – up top view


CAD image of new design (front view)


The finished new custom engagement ring design


Finished custom engagement ring design



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