Omori Diamonds inc. was created as a means of providing a solution to the numerous shortcomings of traditional retail in terms of quality and service. It is our excellent craftsmanship and undivided attention to detail that distinguishes us from countless other stores. I am proud to say that I have had many past clients, refer their friends, close family and children to our business when it comes time to buy a diamond or have a piece of jewellery made. Here is a list of 5 important benefits of working with Omori Diamonds inc..

1. Higher Quality Precious Metal

We use a pure white gold, guaranteed to never fade in colour. Many stores use white gold that is tinted and requires rhodium plating periodically. We also use a palladium alloy, for those who have a nickel allergy, so that their jewellery can be worn with comfort and no harsh effects on the skin.

Also, we are one of the few Winnipeg Jewellers specializing in manufacturing in Platinum, an extremely durable precious metal, that has a natural, pristine, white colour. Trust our designer and goldsmith, with a combined experience of over 50 years, to create a masterpiece that will last a lifetime.

2. Build Quality In Our Rings

We take special care to insure our rings are built to last, for your specific lifestyle. This means durable bands and claws so that the ring will not lose its shape and lustre over time.

Care must be taken with many of the narrow banded rings sold in most retail stores as they often skimp on gold in order to save on material costs. This results in an overly flexible ring which can lead to diamonds falling out and the ring becoming disfigured. When we custom make a ring and a client requests a narrow band, we pay special attention to ensure it has the strength and durability to last. This means that each Omori Design becomes a lifelong treasure and not just something to be worn for only a few weeks or months.

3. Stronger and More Durable Settings and Claws

90% of rings sold in retail stores are made off shore using much lower standards. This includes thin claws so that the diamonds can be set more quickly thus, reducing the labour time. This often leads to the smaller, side diamonds falling out as the fragile claws face normal wear.

We use thicker and stronger ring claws and settings to insure our diamonds stay in place. This means that our clients will continue to wear our designs with pride. This is especially so for halo styled and micro set rings in the much softer yellow gold.

4. Diamond and Gemstone Quality

At Omori Diamonds inc. we find diamonds for our customers, not customers for our diamonds. This means that we source the absolute best and brightest diamond for your budget. We examine the stone’s proportions, light return, scintillation, clarity, colour and light return to insure our diamonds will look amazing in all light conditions.

We specialize in ethically sourced diamonds, certified by only the most trusted brands in the world. We believe in total transparency so that you know exactly what you are getting. Each of these diamonds comes with an official certification and number that allows it to be tracked world- wide.

Many other jewellers carry much less trusted cert brands and grading reports which have been proven to be up to 2 grades off in diamond grading. This allows them to charge a higher amount than the diamond is worth. The consumer is led to believe they are getting a “great price” when in fact they are paying for a much less valuable diamond. We do not carry these brands and strive to educate you about all aspects of diamond buying so that you can make an informed decision. We want you to be proud of your diamond and to get the absolute best quality that your budget allows.

5. Quality of Side and Small Diamonds

Most retail stores simply state the side diamond quality as being SI to I clarity (slightly included to “eye visible” included). This means that you could be getting a huge range in quality and value, never knowing exactly what you are paying for. Unfortunately, many people end up getting taken in by the fancy lighting in most jewellery stores, which are specifically designed to make even the poorest diamond look nice.

We go the extra mile to insure that all of our diamonds, even the smaller side diamonds, are SI clarity or better and cut to the highest standards. This insures that each and every diamond will blaze beautifully under all light conditions.

If you have any other questions or would like to book an appointment please visit our contact page or call (204) 951-7040. We look forward to hearing from you.

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